Amazing Kenya Pictures


Amazing Kenya Pictures by tropicairKenya

Away from usual tourist circuit this pictures show a Kenya that few of us know existed.

Its a beautiful Country amazing destination #tembeakenya #whyilovekenya

Mt Kenya

Lamu Kenya


#flamingo in the thousands on #LakeBogoria #greatriftvalley #whyilovekenya @magicalkenya

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Lake Turkana,Kenya

On the lava shores of #LakeTurkana, also known as the Jade Sea and #LakeRudolf. Amazing spot! Photo #TimmyFlowers

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On safari with @clairessafaris in #Turkana. Local fishing boats in #FergusonsGulf #kenyabyhelicopter #lowimpactliving

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No credit no kukopesha

Robert Wangila(Ken)-Laurent Boudouani(Fra)-Seoul 1988

Robert Wangila(Ken)-Laurent Boudouani(Fra)-Seoul 1988 Kenya Gold Medal Seoul 1988 olympics

Shanty speaking with heavy luhya accent

How coast women treat their men vs luhyas part2

How coast women treat their men vs luhyas part2

Shandi needs a sponsor lol

shandi  best luhya impression

Mt Kilimanjaro

Mt Kilimanjaro view from Loitoktok Kenya beautiful places  to visit in Kenya #tembeakenya #africa

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